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Great custom software is the perfect combination of artistry, engineering and people.

Custom software

From automating routine work processes to improving workflows within your company, or even creating secure data storage, our custom software solutions are designed to meet your exact requirements.

Mobile apps

Our team of well-trained and knowledgeable app developers create custom, high-quality, user-friendly and cost-effective mobile applications on the Android and iOS platforms.

Modern Web Design

Whether you need a small brochure site, a complex database driven web application, or an e-commerce site, we have the combined expertise to create a perfect website for your company.

Since 2000, Netgen has provided cost-effective IT solutions to companies within many industries including Finance, Motor, Health Care, Insurance, Manufacturing, Logistics and Media.

We are committed to using the best and latest technologies such as Embedded Systems, IOT, .NET, C#, MVC, Javascript, React Native, SQL Databases and WordPress to ensure that your custom software and web development solutions are secure, stable and scalable. Unlike other software that can be purchased, we don’t charge licenses fees or own your software. The software we develop is your Intellectual Property. However, we still ensure that you are supported for the duration of your time with Netgen to ensure your software runs smoothly.

We are also able to host, maintain and improve your solutions.

Outsource your system to Netgen

When you outsource your software systems and requirements to Netgen, you ensure that are staying up to date with the latest application developments and tools. You can also keep your operation scaled rather than hiring an in-house team to support your software needs.

Never again be concerned about staff leaving – our job is to ensure total continuity of your systems and software.

Our technical team takes care of the servers and hosting, as well as all development and custom designs. Support for all software and websites is done in house in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Some of our clients outsource their entire IT structure to us and other clients use us for larger or small projects depending on their needs. Try us for service and excellent support.

Full customised software

Off-the-shelf package software can often cost more money and take more of your time to implement. You will also have a heavy overhead of extra features that you don’t require, while there are one or two features missing that you really need. It just doesn’t make sense to change what you need to suit the package you are using.

Custom application software will allow you to futureproof your business. It will scale and change with you as your needs change. Our experts can update the software we created for you that you can gain the maximum potential from your systems.

Netgen deals with all types of software and applications and we also integrate into a number of different systems using web services and APIs which we either custom design or use existing technology. Embedded systems & custom applications in C# for Web and SQL databases ensure great system development.



Founded in 2000

Offices in JHB and Cape Town

Serving clients nationally

International client base



Microsoft .net

SQL Server Databases

JSON and API integration

WordPress and PHP

Mobile app technology


Customer databases

Workflow scheduling

Process automation

Document construction and management

Information dissemination


Motor Industry


Fitness and Health